Groutable 12x24 self stick tiles. Realistic embossing gives Ceramica the rich texture and low gloss look of designer tiles. PLUS, Ceramica can be installed with grout for a remarkably authentic ceramic tile look.

Ceramica Installation StylesCeramica  12 in. x 24 in.
Resilient Vinyl Tile Flooring (30 sq. ft./case)

Change the way you think about about self-stick vinyl tile. It’s easy to see, and feel, that Ceramica Groutable Tile is unlike any other self-stick tile. With or without grout, the look and feel of Ceramica is as close to real ceramic as you can get. Choose from 12x12 or 12x24 tiles, or mix and match sizes and colors to create unique patterns.

  • Grout or no grout
  • One color, one size, or mix and match for unique patterns
  • Realistic embossing, rich texture, and low gloss designer look
  • Unique rounded edges
  • Lifetime warranty for residential and light commercial